Love Drupal - 5 Good Reasons

I’ve been an avid supporter of Drupal for the past nine years. The platform provides users with the most customization opportunities and best ability to integrate with other technologies compared to any other web platform out there. Year over year, there was a 22% increase in the number of issues fixed or closed on, a 28% increase in the number of individual contributors, and a 26% increase in the number of organizations contributing to the project. 

In the meantime, if you don’t know much about Drupal, here are five reasons why I think the platform is the best option out there.

  1. Community

    Because Drupal is open source software and its users are such a passionate base, the community helps develop and create new Drupal functionality. At the same time, Drupal users help provide support for one another, create documentation and leverage networking opportunities.

  2. Cost 

    Drupal is free. Does anything else need to be said? The platform will always be available at no cost. Compare that with other content management systems that can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars to purchase and license.

  3. Flexibility 

    Drupal offers thousands of different modules. This means there are thousands of ways to make your site unique while continuing to extend Drupal’s functionality.

  4. Security

    If you look back at Drupal’s history, the platform does a great job of addressing security issues. A bulletin is released to Drupal users whenever there is an issue with the platform or when and there are updates to fix the problem. Besides that, there is a dedicated Drupal security team that works to monitor potential security risks. Some people worry that an open source system is easier to hack; the reality, though, is the team of users and dedicated security experts are the best defense you’ll find against hacking.